Letting Go Of Resistance & Exiting The Energy Loop

Often we get stuck in patterns or what my mentor calls Energy Loops that can make us feel like we’re living in a very bad rendition of Ground Hog Day. A popular example that many people face is as soon as I get a good chunk of unexpected (or expected) money, it’s gone just as quickly.

ENERGY LOOPS: Chronic recurring stuck points (triggers of undesirable emotions, fears, undesirable reactions, frustrations, irritations, disappointments, anger moments, discomforts, etc)

However, energy loops can and do reach every aspects of life. For me personally, I had to work on many energy loops including loops with my parents, loops within my intimate relationships and more. Having the tools to exit these energy loops has been one of my greatest discovers.

While I was taught this over the course of two-months, I’m going to share with you the steps required to exit these energy loops.

STEP #1 – What are the exact triggers / reactions / emotions / obstacles / resistances coming up over and over? Provide 5 examples.
Example:I work a 60 hour week, pay all my bills, and then don’t have extra for me to show for my hard work. It triggers me to feel deeply frustrated.
See how that example works?
STEP #1 is all about awareness. We need to see the exact trends going on.
Write down (5) clear examples of triggers / reactions / emotions / obstacles / resistances coming up over and over in regards a lack of money (using the example from above).

STEP #2a – What do you envision will happen when you have plenty of money? Try to be specific and find at least ‘5’ things that you would think would happen.
STEP #2b – How does it feel to now cross that line of finally having plenty of money? Really think about this and write down 3-5 main CORE feelings. Try not to do surface things like, “I would be grateful“. Instead, dig deep and identify the main emotions that would happen. Look up definitions of emotions as needed.

STEP #3a – What are you saying ‘YES’ to that is no longer aligned with you that could be creating this energy loop of lack of abundance?
In other words, what behaviors are you doing that you feel you HAVE to do? Or decisions you are making that you feel misaligned with now? Come up with at least 5 ‘YES’ that you no longer align with.
STEP #3b – What are you saying ‘NO’ to that may now be aligning, but something that is uncomfortable or scary? Come up with at least 3 ‘NO’ decisions that would actually be aligned with you if you started saying ‘YES’.
STEP #3c – What Identity are you fusing with that is promoting and encouraging these ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ decisions?
STEP #3d – What new Identity are you being called to fuse with that promotes more aligned ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ decisions and actions?

Here are some Archetype / Identity examples:
(note that you may identify with more than one of these archetypes however do your best to select one main identity that you are fused with now and one main identity you would like to be your new identity.)

Hero / Champion: Identity that rises to a challenge, though usually has to go through great hardship first, protagonist
Outlaw / Troublemaker / Outcast / Rebel: Identity that is rebellious, may rebel against outside rules and norms
Magician / Wizard: Identity that understands and uses universal forces
Explorer: Identity that is driven to explore the unknown and beyond boundaries
Sage / Guide / Mentor: Identity with wisdom, knowledge, or mentor qualities
Creator / Artist: Identity that creates something significant, a vision
Average / Everyman: Identity of average and the ‘norm’, hard-working
Caregiver / Savior: Identity that sacrifices for others
Jester / Joker: Identity that provides humor and comic relief with occasional wisdom
Ruler: Identity with power of others, whether in terms of law or emotion
Victim: Identity guided by feels of low self-worth, low self-esteem, blaming others, pointing the finger
Helpless: Identity of perceiving the loss of one’s power, deceiving the self, they then give up trying to make changes and accept their fate
Intellectual: Identity of deep thinking, logic, and can often over-think circumstances
Lover: Identity guided by the heart and emotions, passionate, devoted
Tired: Identity that lacks zest and desire, dullness of life, bored
Catalyst: Identity of change maker, speeds up change
Prophet / Oracle: Identity that can predict the future, intuitive
Judge: Identity who seeks justice, critic, meditator
Defensive: Identity who cannot hear things about ones-self, protective, ego-driven, cannot hear truth
Fighter: Identity who continues to try hard and will not give up easily when things are difficult, forces, pushes
Uncommitted: Identity who fears attachment or potential success, indifference, can be numb or low self-esteem, questioning self
People Pleaser: Identity who tends to do anything possible to avoid conflict, outside validation, mistaken kindness for self-serving peace
Dictator: Identity that seeks total power of person or people, controlling, only their way goes, this is a mask for a hurting inner child
Difficult: Identity that seeks attention by creating problems, craving love on the outside

STEP #4 – Is to remember our spiritual truth and align with the infinite source of everything whether you want to call this source God, Allah, Buddha, Christ, Consciousness, Universe, Unified Field, etc.
Example:I am feeling abundantly rich because God is abundantly rich!” or “I am wealthy because Universe is wealthy”
Don’t just say your affirmation, but really feel into it as if it was real right now while listening to some music without words.

Download this playlist

Using this affirmation along with our 5-Step Manifestation process will help you to exit any energy loop you may find yourself in. Experiment with this for 7-days and you’ll notice your vibes shifting for the better. Stick with it for 90-days and your life will change because your vibes have changed!