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This curriculum has been developed from the studies of a long lineage
of thought leaders.

The Manifestation Accelerator Breakthrough curriculum was developed by Scott Haug, one of Proctor-Gallaghar Institute’s top 1% Inner Circle members. This curriculum has thousands of testimonials that Rasheed Bolade, a Certified Manifestation Coach will be happy to show you during your next meeting.

Rasheed continues to be mentored by Scott while also coaching other people through this course work.

Both Rasheed & Scott have studied with Bob Proctor who passed away on February 3rd, 2022.

Rasheed asked Bob Proctor…

What do you think of the school system?

Run-Time: 6m35s
Rest In Peace Mr. Proctor (1934-2022)

Rasheed’s Vision

Because the current school system is slow on change, Rasheed’s desire is to work with parents & home school providers to help bring our proven five (5) step manifestation process into every household and to every child.

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RE: A Message From Scott

After you schedule your tour, you’ll receive a short message from Scott.

Please keep in mind Scott’s target market is mostly business professionals focused on money manifestations.

With that said, as a parent himself (with one on the way) Rasheed has reached out to you with the desire for other parents and home school providers to know this material so well that they can help teach the children the truth about the essences of who they are & their abilities to apply these success laws into their lives (sooner rather than later).

A Simple Reminder

As I mentioned on the call with you earlier, from my experience coaching adults through this curriculum, they are often challenged with past traumas or negative beliefs about themselves. Cycles of healing are often required before students begin to manifest with ease and speed.

The sooner in life someone learns this 5-step manifestation process, the less “blocked energy” so to speak will need to be clear. So I am asking for parents and home school providers to have the courage & trust to take on some special responsibilities with the intentions to empower the children.

Looking forward to taking you on this tour!

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